Even a Nine-Year-Old Gets It

tooth fairy review card

By Mike Roberts, EVP, Business Development and Sales

A few weeks ago, my goddaughter, who is nine, was about to lose a baby tooth. In preparation, she constructed a “Tooth Fairy box”.  It was quite the project and she was very creative and imaginative with the design.  She selected a special box and added cotton balls, thread spools, and of course, glitter to place the baby tooth. My goddaughter was very proud and she was so excited to show me her project. It was all very nice. But one thing stood out: In the very front of the box there was a place for the tooth fairy to leave a review. “Did You Like Your Experience? Not at all, It was ok, Liked it, and Loved it”. Of course, loved it was checked off!!!

My point is that reviews are very important in day-to-day life and especially in business. 92% of consumers now read online reviews.  A business star rating is the number one factor in choosing a company to do business with; zero reviews are almost as damaging as bad reviews, and both Google and consumers tend to pass on a business that no one has bothered to review.  It’s a matter of trust. They want to know what to expect.  My goddaughter is only nine and wants to grow up to be something different every week, but one thing is for sure, whatever life course she picks she will be well prepared and informed.

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