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XPS blog Customer Experience August 2021

Behind The Scenes: How XPS Solutions Improves Overall Tenant Experience

XPS Solutions delivers immediate value to its clients. Our suite of customer-valued services enhances storage facilities’ existing infrastructure. Extended employee coverage, securing new tenants, and quicker response rates are a direct impact of the overall XPS experience, all provided at … Read More

July Blog Behind the Scenes

Day In The Life Of A Storage Facility Manager: Providing Real Solutions With Customer Experience & Time Management

By the time the door is unlocked for business at 9:30 AM the phone system already shows ten missed calls and five voicemails. By noon, cleanup is done, five new move-ins have been scheduled, and seven new payment calls have … Read More

Reputation Matters

The Need For Speed: Why Responding To Tenants Faster Matters

The average national response time for a potential website lead is almost three hours, but by then it can be too late to turn that lead into a tenant. Responding as soon as someone makes contact has a direct impact … Read More

The Three C's

The Three Cs: Why It’s Cheaper To Keep Your Tenants and How To Keep Them

By offering the most cost-efficient amenities to your tenants you can do better day-to-day to save every day. This is why we have come up with the three Cs to keep your budget low and your tenant rental space occupied. … Read More