XPS Solutions was designed to ensure that the independent self-storage facilities can compete with and outperform the REITS


Call Center Support

Call in the backup
Understaffed? Don’t miss a ring, opportunities come knocking and we have your back. We can answer and handle all support when your team is busy and not around.

Take it all
We have the most extensive call center experience with self-storage units. We can handle all your customer’s calls regarding new appointments, support, questions, payment processing and more. 
We help sell units by renting up and retaining, allowing your staff to handle in-person needs and requests. 

[counter type=”zero” box=”no” position=”center” font_weight=”600″ text_font_weight=”500″ text_transform=”capitalize” separator=”yes” digit=”4000″ font_color=”#000000″ text=”New Move-In Revenue” separator_color=”#328dc5″ text_size=”24″ text_color=”#000000″ font_size=”55″]

We average over $4,000 per month in new move-in revenue by catching the call and offering better solutions.

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Additional coverage per week by XPS so that property managers know nothing gets missed with our team in the queue.

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Over 10 different current integrations-Our software development team makes this a seamless experience for all.

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Add-on products

Some of the solutions offered include call packages for any size self-storage facility, a dashboard tool to review data and analytics, online reputation builder, and a self-storage app for you to offer to your tenants.

MyStorPal™ App




24/7 PayByPhone™


Reputation Optimizer

Reputation Surveyor


It’s cheaper to keep them.
Your tenants are using their mobile phones for everything! Make it easy for them to see their account, make payments, get their gate access code and upload inventory descriptions and photos.

If they need more help, Live Chat and Phone Calls are one click away. MyStorPal™ helps you Extend the Stay.

Self-storage at your customer’s fingertips.

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App Store G
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Reputation Optimizer

Increase Your Rating
Customers choose companies with higher ratings when searching online. More reviews increase your ratings. How many do you have? We can help increase that.

How It Works
The XPS team will send your caller a text or Email link to make reviewing your company easy.

Reputation Management
Survey results are published online to drive more traffic, and all reviews are forwarded to you so you have an opportunity to review and respond.

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a wise choice

Prospective tenants receive $10

With our exclusive RentRewards program, we offer your prospective tenants a $10 e-gift card from a variety of national brands if they tour your facility. If we can get the caller to walk in your door, your team can get the rental. 

Know how many callers schedule tours

With RentRewards, you’ll know how many callers scheduled a tour, how many visited your facility and, most importantly, how many rented. Offering this extra incentive sets you apart from your competition and helps you convert more of your callers into tenants!

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Better way to communicate
Adding the XPSchat™feature to your website offers another way for your prospective tenants to get quick answers about your facility. In addition, this web tool promotes stickiness on your website and reduces the bounce rate for people who aren’t yet ready to pick up the phone and call. 

We are ready to chat
Our professionally trained self-storage specialists are standing by to handle your live chat requests

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Get paid quicker

Provide your tenants with as many options as possible to pay their bill! In addition to offering your callers the option to make an automated payment on rollover calls from your facility, you will be given a dedicated, local phone number to provide to your tenants to dial directly 24/7 to make their payment at any time. 

Convenience for your customers

Providing this number to your past due tenants when making collection attempts will save your office staff time during peak business hours!

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Web or e-mail forms
Offering a “Contact Us” web form or Email address for inquiries is a must for a professional website. Allow our XPSmail team to respond to your web form inquires.

Quick response time
We continuously monitor your incoming messages and will respond within 15 minutes or less by reaching out with an outbound call or a custom email template.

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BigData™ Dashboard

Track key metrics

Our real-time web reporting tool is available on demand from any device. We track and archive data from every call handled by our self-storage specialists to provide you with geo-data, rental conversion percentages, caller buying cycles, requested unit sizes, and marketing sources. 


Access a quick, high-level snapshot of your business anytime, anywhere.

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Listen to calls
Listen to all of your calls anytime. XPSlisten™ tracks and records all incoming calls, whether it’s your team or ours who answers the phone and handles support.

Reporting and feedback
On-demand reporting provides valuable call information including call volume, prospect, non-prospect, and total calls per day. Pinpoint training needs for your staff using Listen recordings.

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Reputation Surveyor


Automatic survey requests sent via Email or text to all brand new tenants, making it easy for them to leave you a review.


Relying on your staff to ask for reviews, and then relying on callers to go online to find you and complete one is good. Automating the review request with a link to make it easy for your new tenant is much better.


Managing your negative reviews immediately will turn unhappy tenants into long-term renters.

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