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Never make it hard for your customers to pay you. With XPS Solutions 24/7 Pay by Phone service, we supplement your payment solutions and offer your tenants a frictionless choice. With a dedicated local phone number, tenants can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make their rental payments. Save your team from the phones by allowing customers to check office hours and account balances at the same time. You can even provide your number to past due tenants when making a collection attempt minimizing friction to pay you. With a minimal investment, implementing 24/7 Payments powered by XPS Solutions, any facility, large or small, can reduce calls by 55%.


Reduce calls by 55% when using 24/7 payments powered by XPS


Improve automated operational processes by providing tenants the ability to pay through Pay by Phone. No manager assistance needed.

Customer Friendly

Added convenience for tenants. Take payments when you’re unable to answer the phone, when your office is closed, or if you’re running a remotely managed facility.

Saves Time

Free up your office staff to focus on other important tasks. Your managers should be focused on new tenants, renting units and increasing revenue.


Reduce your current live call volume by up to 55%

Integrates with the industry's most popular software


Payments can be taken 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

24/7 Pay by Phone Features

  • Empower storage tenants to make payments without employee assistance
  • Easily provide tenant account balances, facility details and hours
  • Integrations with the leading SMS systems in the industry
  • Unlimited, touchless automated payments 
  • Affordable virtual payment solution with a flat monthly fee
XPS Solutions IVR payments and paybyphone

24/7 Pay by Phone Benefits

  • Convenient and secure automated payment solution for tenants
  • “Plug and play” setup with no upkeep or maintenance required
  • Free up valuable time by reducing call volume by up to 55%
  • Promote productivity and task efficiencies while cultivating customer loyalty
XPS Solutions touchless automated payments
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