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Your online star rating and number of reviews directly impact your online rankings. Online reviews account for over 17% of your local search ranking factors. It’s also a known fact that customers believe that reviews older than three months are no longer relevant. The only way to increase the quality and quantity of your reviews is to ask. With our reputation management solutions you can easily increase your online reputation by sending each caller a text or email link to leave a review. 


Reviews account for over 17% of your local search ranking factors


Of customers use reviews when making a buying decision


The average number of reviews a customer expects a storage facility to have


Of customers will only buy from businesses with a 4+ star rating

Reputation Management Features

  • All reviews are forwarded to you giving you the opportunity to respond
  • Increase the quality and quantity of your reviews by sending a link to each caller
  • Gain valuable feedback and insights by sending new tenant an automatic survey
  • Drive more website traffic by automatically publishing reviews and survey results online
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Reputation Management Benefits

  • Consistently acquire new reviews so customer feedback is always up to date
  • Turn every call from current and prospective tenants into a review opportunity
  • Use your review feedback as a tool to improve your operational practices
  • Immediate opportunity to manage negative reviews and create positive outcomes
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