Comprehensive facility management services for a fraction of the cost


The XPS Remote Management Suite ™ is the perfect solution for self-storage owners tired of staffing headaches and overwhelmed with managerial tasks. Enjoy 50 hours a week of live management coverage, including extended tenant support, follow-up sales calls, lease and ID verification, unit move-out checks, delinquency support, and more. If you seek an alternative to on-site managers and the stress of personally handling tenant phone calls and operations, discover convenience and peace of mind with the XPS Remote Management Suite ™.


Save 50% or more versus staffing while still getting world-class support.


Hours of weekly, live management coverage - no overtime!

Self Storage Experts

Our remote managers are seasoned, self storage professionals with extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry.


Business Days

Emergency Coverage! If you suddenly lose your on-site management, XPS can fill the gap with emergency coverage within 5 business days of all of the proper onboarding materials being received. Terms & conditions apply.

Remote Management Suite


  • 50 hours of Live Remote Manager coverage
  • Self Storage industry trained professionals
  • Outbound missed rental opportunity follow up calls
  • Comprehensive move-in & move-out process management
  • Comprehensive tenant support
  • Delinquent Payment Support
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Remote Management Suite


  • Expanded facility coverage, no hiring, staffing or overhead
  • Full time coverage for a fraction of the cost
  • We hire self storage managers to operate your facility. They understand and speak self storage!
  • Don’t miss a sales opportunity
  • Comprehensive support gives you the peace of mind your facility and tenants are taken care of
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