Deliver dependable customer contact options by phone, email and chat

Maximize your revenue with a call center designed for self storage

On average, 80% of missed calls are tenant-related, and 20% are prospect-related. That’s missed revenue opportunities and potentially frustrated tenants and prospects. With XPS Call Center Services, you will never miss a call again. Our highly trained agents provide your facility 104 hours a week of phone coverage for a fraction of the cost it would take to staff your office. By incorporating XPSchat and XPSmail you also have the ability to communicate with tenants and prospects on their terms.


The number of calls the average facility misses each month.


Listen to all of your calls, anytime. XPSlisten™ tracks and records all incoming calls, whether it’s your team or ours who answers the phone and handles support.


Increase customer service efficiencies by adding XPSchat™ to your website. Give your prospects a quick and easy way to get answers to their questions with just a stroke of a key. Enhance both sales and support.


An emailed contact form is a basic and standard for any great website. Our qualified team is ready to monitor your incoming communications. All outbound calls or custom email replies are sent within 15 minutes or less.


Hours per week of phone coverage for your storage facility.

Integrates with the industry's most popular software


Payments can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Contact Center Features

  • Professionally trained storage sales representatives act on your behalf
  • Monday-Sunday phone coverage, 104 hours per week.
  • Integrations with the leading property management systems in the industry
  • Scalable call center solutions to customize call-answering services for your needs
XPS Solutions call center solutions

Contact Center Benefits

  • Free up your office staff’s time by reducing live calls significantly
  • Virtual coverage enables remotely managed facilities to operate with less overhead
  • Easy-to-use platform works seamlessly across devices
  • Delivers exceptional customer experiences and prevents missed rental opportunities
XPS Solutions self storage call center
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