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Why Clients Love XPS

“We switched to XPS several months ago from another call center. Since we have switched, we have gotten great reviews and improved our customer experience. Another reason we chose XPS is because they rent our units over the phone. This is a huge deal for us since our facilities are not manned 7-days per week. Overall, we have been very pleased with XPS.”

Wilson C., Vice President Operations

“The XPS gift card program increased our occupancy from 81% to 91.2% in three months, and we are now implementing a rate increase.”

John T., Investor

“XPS is easy to do business with and they have the technology we need. Their associates are professional and well-trained.”

Kraig H., Director of Operations

“XPS has gone above and beyond to consider new and innovative options.”

Renae K., Facility Coordinator

“[XPS]¬†played a crucial role in helping us communicate important, real-time information to our customers during the initial shock of the firestorm that destroyed much of the town around us, as well as the following weeks while our phone lines were down. This was not an easy job, my team and I know this all too well, please let the agents know of our appreciation for their professionalism maintained while answering some of the especially challenging calls.”

Carter B. 

Aloha Self Storage