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XPS Solutions Solutions for Procrastination

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Uncovering the Reasons for Procrastination and Finding Effective Solutions
Solutions for Procrastination We all procrastinate from time to time. For some, it doesn’t interfere with their quality of life. For others, however, it can become a self-defeating behavior with long-term consequences. Whether it's a looming deadline, an intimidating project, or a simple chore, understanding the underlying
XPS Solutions The All Powerful Google Umbrella

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The All-Powerful Google Umbrella
Boost Your Ranking by Effectively Managing Your Google Business Profile Have you ever Googled something like “car inspection near me,” and stumbled upon a company that you have not interacted with yet, so you use their Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) to find out the
XPS Solutions Contact Center Solutions for Self Storage Owners

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Exploring the Benefits of a Self Storage Dedicated Contact Center Over an Answering Service
Contact Center vs Answering Service Are you a self storage facility owner/operator looking to streamline your communication channels and provide enhanced customer service? If you’re in the market for either an answering service or a call center, XPS Solutions has you covered. A self storage contact center,
Answer the Dang Phone Melissa Huff

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Just Answer the Dang Phone
For a good many of us, occupancy has dropped back into the upper 80s or low 90s. We are no longer riding high on 100% occupancy and ever-increasing rental rates. Delinquencies have risen. While some of this rise is due to economic hardships for our tenants, I'd
XPS Solutions Marketing to College Students

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Boost Back to School Self Storage Occupancy With XPS Solutions
Marketing to College Students Do you own a self storage business in a college or university town? If you do, summer is the prime time to attract students. By focusing your marketing efforts on student tenants you can boost your occupancy and grow your business. Most college
Client Testimonial The XPS Difference


Client Testimonial: The XPS Difference
Daniel Higuera, COO of Storage Star, chose XPS Solutions because, in his words, “the customer service level has been phenomenal.” As the Chief Operating Officer for Storage Star, Daniel Higuera is responsible for 38 self storage facilities in seven different states. His many years of experience in
XPS, Online Reputation

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Six Powerful Strategies to Take Your Online Reputation From Good to Great
Online Reputation Whether you're new to the industry or simply looking to enhance your current online presence, it's important to understand the value of your online reputation. A strong, positive reputation is crucial for any business, and the self storage industry is no exception. In today’s digital

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XPS Solutions welcomes a 20-year self-storage industry veteran Don Lazuka
Richardson, TX – July 20, 2023 - XPS Solutions welcomes a 20-year self-storage industry veteran Don Lazuka Don Lazuka has joined XPS Solutions as Director of Rentals and Remote Management, where he will be developing and driving a dynamic team that will deliver world-class offerings to our

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XPS Solutions, welcomes and announces the appointment of Jennifer Downer, its Chief Operating Officer.
Jennifer brings over 20 years of self-storage management experience, including three years as VP of Operations and five years as COO of Absolute Storage Management, a self-storage management firm. "Jennifer resonates integrity and experience. She knows XPS and our incredible team here. She knows self-storage. And she