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Investing In a Professional Call Center is Essential for Self Storage Business Growth

How many less-than-stellar reviews have you received from a tenant whose phone calls to your facility have been unanswered? After numerous tries and many voicemails, this tenant is frustrated enough to leave a scathing review. And we all know how that affects your reputation. Missed phone calls lead to lost opportunities and the potential for […]

XPS Integrates With storEDGE for New Rental Contracting Solution

Rental Contracting Solution XPS Leasing Agents Now Able to Complete a Full Rental Contract With Prospects Richardson, TX – October 21, 2022 – XPS Solutions, based in Richardson, Texas, announces the release of a rental contracting solution for storEDGE platform users. XPS remains the self-storage industry’s most experienced contact center, which provides system integrations and […]

Customer Experience: Choosing the Most Valuable Vendors

A comprehensive call center team is a vital component in the myriad of vendors, partners, and staff that keep your business up-and-running. With so many pieces to the puzzle to ensure success, it’s important to have a team of experts in your corner that prioritize the customer experience. Customer Experience The overall customer experience is […]

The Best Addition to your Team: XPS as an Extension of Your Staff

The phone is ringing incessantly and appointments keep piling up. On-site staff is managing day-to-day crises in addition to keeping the facility running smoothly. With massive labor shortages across the nation, it can be hard to fill open job positions and retain employees. Let XPS Solutions be your solution for staffing. XPS Solutions: Seamless integration […]

Ahead of the Trend: Innovative Services for a Digital World

Our world is increasingly moving toward digital and contactless services. Let XPS Solutions help your facility seamlessly merge priority customer experience with the tech-savvy needs of customers. Our innovative services allow us to give your business an edge in your competitive industry. Cost-Efficient Employee Solutions XPS Solutions provides full-service staffing for less than the price […]

Behind The Scenes: How XPS Solutions Improves Overall Tenant Experience

XPS Solutions Improves Overall Tenant Experience XPS Solutions delivers immediate value to its clients. Our suite of customer-valued services enhances storage facilities’ existing infrastructure. Extended employee coverage, securing new tenants, and quicker response rates are a direct impact of the overall XPS experience, all provided at a much lower cost than a full-time employee. Let’s […]

The Need For Speed: Why Tenant Response Time Matters

Why Tenant Response Time Matters The average national response time for a potential website lead is almost three hours, but by then it can be too late to turn that lead into a tenant. Responding as soon as someone makes contact has a direct impact on your bottom line. In this blog we discuss why […]

Self Storage Prime Time

By Shannon Charbonneau, Director of Client Relations, XPS Solutions Did you ever walk into work one day thinking through your to-do list and planning how your day would go, only to find at the end of the day that you never quite finished anything on your list because one thing after another took your attention […]

Are You Staying On Top of Your Business?

By Mike Roberts, Executive VP of Sales and Operations, XPS Solutions Your goal is to win in the self-storage industry, and you have what it takes to succeed. You have invested, or are planning to invest, in building, acquiring, or becoming a major shareholder in the perfect moneymaking site. You created a fancy website, Facebook […]