Increase revenue by securing a rental contract with just a phone call


Using highly-trained, professional sales representatives, RentUp provides prospective customers with the ability to lease a self-storage unit from anywhere and on any mobile device. RentUp by XPS integrates with leading industry software to impact your occupancy and increase your revenue. Our team can view your inventory, pricing, and promotions, take payments, and even send the contract, saving you time and growing your bottom line. 


of customers would switch companies if they found out a competitor's lease process was more convenient

Stop the Shop

Stop potential customers from shopping your competition by providing a rental solution on the first call. It's as easy as signing a lease on their mobile device.


Offer prospective customers effortless simplicity when it comes to leasing self storage. Capitalize on potential rental opportunities with just a phone call.

Pay Per Performance

Only pay for contracts received, ensuring controlled operational costs and ROI.


Hours of weekly phone coverage - equivalent of 2.5 Full-time employees!


Of missed calls are prospective tenants looking to rent storage.


The average ROI a facility receives for their investment.

RentUp Features

  • 104 hours a week of phone coverage from professionally trained agents
  • Extended call answer and rental windows beyond facility office hours
  • Integrations with the leading property management software in the industry
  • Stop the shop with no missed sales opportunities
  • Complete integration with availability, pricing and promotions
XPS Solutions self storage lease up

RentUp Benefits

  • Pay per performance only. You don’t pay until the sale is complete.
  • Contactless, touch-free option for customers wanting to rent now
  • Provide a personal touch even with a manned or remotely managed facility
  • Supplement current office staff with highly-trained sales professionals
XPS Solutions contactless storage rental
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