Tenant Experience IS the Strategy.℠

Providing virtual solutions for Self-Storage.

Delivering an Exceptional Tenant Experience

Usefulness, Ease of Doing Business, and Enjoyability are the three components tenants reflect on when judging their experience. XPS Solutions offers the solutions and experience for you to win new tenants and keep tenants longer.

Tenant Experience IS the Strategy.℠

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Call Center Support and a whole lot more.

We have the most experience and solutions options for self-storage owners. 


For any size self-storage facility.

Solutions for Greater Tenant Experiences

Some of the solutions offered include call packages for any size self-storage facility, a dashboard tool to review data and analytics, online reputation builder, and a self-storage app for you to offer to your tenants.

Tenant experience IS the Strategy.℠

Tenant Experience Solutions

Professional Contact Center Services for your self-storage business.

Proven Industry Leaders

We have been the leader in self-storage call center solutions for 20+ years.  We’re the strategic partner you can trust with your business. We have your back.

Seamless Integration

We are integrated to this industries’ leading tech partners for Property Management Systems and more.  We KNOW this business.

More Coverage, More Time Back

We bolster your ability to answer calls before, during, and after business hours.  Give your property manager more support and provide your customers with more hours of daily coverage.

Quality Assurance

We listen, score, and report on the phone calls that our representatives handle to ensure you’re getting a very high-quality product.

Inbound and Outbound Solutions

Whether your needs are to cover inbound calls, chats, or  outbound calls to internet leads, our team is equipped to assist your tenants and prospects.

Best in Class Representatives

Your calls are answered by our experienced and highly-trained team of professionals who specialize in Self-Storage.

Maximize Revenue Opportunities

There are no more missed calls. There are no more lost leads. Scale to the needs of your business without the headaches, the overhead, and the hassle of doing it yourself.

We Are High Tech AND High Touch

We’ve innovated countless tech solutions and created best-in-class training programs, all geared to provide the best experience.

Do you want to engage with your tenants and Extend the Stay℠?

MyStorPal™ Mobile APP is the answer.

Make it easy for tenants to see their account, make payments, get their gate access code, and upload inventory descriptions and photos – all in one APP.

Also, Live Chat and Phone Calls are one click away. See MyStorPal.com for more information.

Self-storage at your tenant’s fingertips.

Download: App Store | Google Play

Looking for a higher prospect conversion rate by phone and web?

You’ll want RentRewards™

Our exclusive RentRewards™ program offers your prospective tenants a $10 e-gift card from a variety of national brands if they tour your facility. If we can get the caller to walk in your door, your team can get the rental.

Offering this extra incentive sets you apart from your competition and helps you convert more of your prospects into tenants!

Amazon Gift Card

Want to make prospect engagement as seamless as possible?

XPSchat™ makes it happen.

Adding the XPSchat™ feature to your website offers another way for your prospective tenants to get quick answers about your facility. Easy engagement for people who aren’t yet ready to pick up the phone and call.

Our professionally trained self-storage specialists are standing by to handle your live chat requests.

Ready to respond to website inquiries faster than your competition?

Then you want XPSmail™

Offering a “Contact” web form or Email address for inquiries is a must. Our trained XPSmail™ team continuously monitors your incoming inquires and responds in 15 minutes or less by reaching out with an outbound call or a custom email template.

Want to improve the tenant payment experience and get paid faster?

24/7 PayByPhone™ is the solution.

Provide tenants with as many options to pay as possible! You will be given a dedicated local phone number, allowing tenants to call 24/7 to make their payment.

Providing this number to your past due tenants when making collection attempts will save your office staff time during peak business hours!

Looking for reporting and total transparency into your inquiry data?

BigData Dashboard™ delivers that detail.

Our real-time web reporting tool is available on-demand from any device. We track and archive data from every call handled by our self-storage specialists, provide you with geo-data, rental conversion percentages, caller buying cycles, requested unit sizes, and marketing sources.

Want to increase the quality and quantity of your online reviews?

Let us introduce you to Reputation Optimizer.

Customers choose companies with higher ratings when searching online. More reviews helps to increase your ratings. The XPS team will send your caller a text or Email link to make reviewing your company easier.

Reputation Management
Survey results are published online to drive more traffic, and all reviews are forwarded to you so you have an opportunity to review and respond.

Need an easy way to conduct tenant surveys and manage negative reviews?

Then you want Reputation Surveyor.

Automatic survey requests sent via Email or text to all brand new tenants, making it easy for them to leave you a review.

Immediately managing your negative reviews will help turn unhappy tenants into appreciated long-term renters.

Looking for reporting and total transparency into all of your call data?

XPSlisten™ delivers that detail.

Listen to all of your calls, anytime. XPSlisten™ tracks and records all incoming calls, whether it’s your team or ours who answers the phone and handles support.

On-demand reporting provides valuable call information including: call volume, prospect, non-prospect, and total calls per day. 

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At XPS Solutions, we’ve made an effort to strategically integrate with industry-proven leaders and solution providers.

Our Partners:

XPS Solutions

Company History

XPS Solutions

Our journey began in 2000 as the original centralized sales and support center for self storage properties. We impact your occupancy and average stay.  We catch calls, create SEO solutions, provide tenant support, and offer a best-in-class tenant mobile app. All to help you deliver exceptional tenant experiences.

XPS Services pioneered the first Call Center solely for Independent Self Storage Operators.
Moved into a 10,000 square foot facility with backup generator and redundant internet connectivity ensuring a reliable service level. Processed our first Tenant Payment with a Live Agent.
Introduced the first Web-based CRM for our Self Storage Clients. We changed the company name to XPS Solutions to better reflect our direction and purpose. Launched API technology designed to integrate into Site Management Systems allowing real-time access to live inventory.
Developed XPSchat™ — Live chat tool and support for clients and their customers.
Created XPSmail™ and launched TenantBuilder™ — a direct mail and phone campaign designed to drive more Commercial Tenants to our clients' properties. We also launched PayByPhone™ — the first automated Pay-by-Phone technology for secure payment processing of Tenant payments 24/7.
Expanded a second time, moving into a 28,000/s.f. state-of-the-art building with redundant generator and internet systems to ensure continuous operation.
Introduced ResQue™ — the first comprehensive outbound program for following up with prospective tenants. We also introduced Reputation Optimizer — to help you increase your search engine rating organically.
Developed MyStorPal™ Mobile APP — the first mobile app in the self-storage industry designed specifically for your current tenants.

What Clients Are Saying...

"We switched to XPS several months ago because of some negative feedback from customers with our previous call center. Since we have switched, we have gotten great reviews and improved our customer experience. Another reason we chose XPS is because they have the ability to rent a unit over the phone. This is a huge deal for us since our facilities are not manned 7-days per week. So, if a customer wants to talk to a real person this is a great feature to offer your customers. Another great feature we love is that the call center will call our Area Managers if they get a call from a customer regarding an issue on the property. This provides the Area Manager with information to address the issues for our unmanned facilities. This feature is an added bonus with the XPS package.
Overall, we have been very pleased with XPS."
Wilson C
Vice President Operations
"XPS has gone above and beyond to consider new and innovative options."
Renae K
Facility Coordinator
"The XPS gift card program increased our occupancy from 81% to 91.2% in three months, and we are now implementing a rate increase."
John T
"XPS is easy to do business with and they have the technology we need. Their associates are professional and well-trained."
Kraig H
Director of Operations

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