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If you’ve ever found yourself drowning in clutter and in need of extra space, you’re not alone. Self storage has been the solution to this problem for decades. According to the Self Storage Almanac, an estimated 14.6M households currently rent self storage. It offers individuals and businesses a safe and convenient place to store their belongings.

However, the traditional rental process for self storage units can be a hassle. Excessive paperwork and the need to be physically present are inconvenient and time-consuming. Many self-storage facilities face the challenge of converting potential customers who call in for information, especially if managers are busy or the facility is unmanned. Thankfully, XPS Solutions has a game-changing service to address this issue.

XPS Solutions RentUp: Revolutionizing Call Conversion in the Self Storage Industry

XPS Solutions is leading the way in transforming lead conversion in the self storage industry with RentUp. This innovative call center service offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for both customers and facility owners.

Customers love the convenience of selecting a unit and getting all their questions answered over the phone, without the need to visit the office. Our professionally trained agents handle all inquiries and guide potential tenants through the process, making it as easy as signing a lease on their mobile device.

Facility owners appreciate the advanced management tools and the high level of service provided by our agents. RentUp reduces the workload on-site by taking over the task of answering calls and converting leads, thus optimizing occupancy rates and increasing revenue.

RentUp by XPS Solutions: Unmatched Phone Coverage

RentUp by XPS integrates with leading software management systems (SMS) to impact your occupancy and increase your revenue. Say goodbye to wasted time with 104 hours of weekly phone coverage. Our professionally-trained XPS team can view your inventory, pricing, and promotions.

Our trained agents will “stop the shop.” Prospects will no longer check the competition. They are provided with the perfect storage solution on their first call.

The Rise of Efficient Call Handling in the Self Storage Industry

The traditional rental process for self storage units had its fair share of limitations. The need to visit the facility during specific hours was inconvenient for people with busy schedules. Additionally, the paperwork was time-consuming and contracts were often confusing.

With the advancement of technology and services like RentUp, the self storage industry has embraced more efficient ways to handle leads. Customers enjoy being able to get all the information they need and complete the rental process over the phone. Whether they’re enjoying coffee or waiting in the pick-up line, they love removing another task from the list.

There are no more worries about time-consuming paperwork and multiple visits to the facility. Through our dedicated call center services, a self storage unit is just a phone call away.

Benefits for Customers

RentUp offers numerous benefits to customers in the self storage industry. It provides the convenience of handling inquiries and renting units at any time, without being limited by the facility’s operating hours. This is especially beneficial for busy individuals or those who don’t live close to the facility.

RentUp allows for easy comparison shopping, enabling customers to find the best deals. The process is faster and more efficient because it eliminates the need for physical paperwork.

Benefits for Owners

The advantages of RentUp are not limited to customers. Self storage facility owners also benefit from this trend. RentUp integrates with leading self storage software management systems (SMS), freeing up staff for more important tasks and reducing missed opportunities.

Owners are provided with valuable data, enabling them to make informed decisions about unit availability, pricing, and customer preferences. If your facility is unmanned, RentUp frees up your time for operations and maintenance needs. To ensure that you’re receiving exceptional service, we listen to, score, and report on all phone calls handled by our agents.

The Future of Call Conversion in the Self Storage Industry

As technology continues to advance, the future of call conversion in the self storage industry looks promising. We can expect to see even more user-friendly platforms and enhanced features in services like RentUp. Efficient and effective lead handling is here to stay and will continue to make renting easier and more convenient than ever before.


Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork and limited access hours. RentUp has transformed the self storage industry, offering customers a convenient and efficient way to find and rent storage units over the phone. Facility owners also benefit from this service, streamlining their operations and optimizing occupancy rates.

With companies like XPS Solutions leading the way, efficient lead conversion is making renting easier and more accessible for everyone. So why wait? Embrace the convenience and efficiency of RentUp and discover a whole new way to store your belongings.


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