Find answers to our most common questions.

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about XPS Solutions and the suite of solutions we offer. Self-storage owners and operators can find answers about our technology solutions below. Please get in touch with our team anytime for more information if you can’t find what you need.

General Questions

  • Are you just an answering service?

    No. XPS does not just answer the phone. We are integrated with your facility, answer as if we are you, and can handle many of your tenant’s or prospect’s needs due to the integration. This includes knowing a tenant’s balance, payment status, due dates, gate codes, unit numbers, etc. And for prospective tenants, we can view your available inventory as if we were on-site. And if you offer promotions, require insurance, or have leasing guidelines, our agents are trained to deliver what you expect.

  • Are your agents based in the United States?

    While most of our agents are US-based, primarily in Texas, we have additional language support and backup facilities in Mexico and the Philippines. We have a stringent agent vetting and hiring practice that ensures no matter where our agents are based, they can and will deliver the world-class service you expect.

  • Do you offer bilingual coverage?

    Yes. We currently offer support in English and Spanish.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each facility is different; therefore, costs vary based on the right service for each facility. We offer a broad range of services to suit every budget, from low-cost automated services to hundreds of calls per facility. Our prices are based on the number of live agent calls, live chats, and emails we handle on your behalf. Our sales team will spend time with you to understand the specifics of each facility and tailor what is best for your budget and facility.

  • What software services do you integrate with?

    Today we integrate with twelve different providers, adding more as they become available. 

    The list includes: 

    • Domico
    • DoorSwap
    • Hummingbird
    • QuikStor
    • Self Storage Manager (SSM)
    • SpaceControl
    • Sitelink
    • StorEDGE
    • Syrasoft
    • Yardi Store 4.0 (Centershift)

    Note: Each software provider controls the level of integration. Therefore, certain features may vary based on the software you use. Our sales agents will determine the best solutions and integrations available during the initial call to learn more about our services.

  • Do you make outbound calls for collections?

    No. Although our agents do not make outbound collection calls, we can collaborate with you on ways to leverage your software management system and our IVR/Pay by Phone services to drive positive collection interactions.

  • What are your hours of coverage?

    We cover each facility with 104 hours of support per week.

    • Monday – Saturday 6 AM-10 PM Central Standard
    • Sunday 9 AM-5 PM Central Standard

  • Where is your call center based?

    Richardson, TX

  • Can you lease my units?

    Yes. We offer a service called RentUp. Depending upon the software management system you use, some of them allow full integration to lease your units fully. Contact a sales team member to learn more about RentUp integration with your software.

  • Do you offer move out services?

    No. We currently do not offer move out services.

  • Do you offer virtual management services such as collections calling, managing marketing?

    No. We do not currently offer these services.

  • How long has XPS been around?

    XPS was founded in 2000 as the self-storage industry’s first call center for independent owners and operators.

  • Can you answer all of my calls?

    Yes. We can answer all calls for manned or remotely managed facilities. This is the most popular option for remotely managed facilities. We can take all of your facility’s calls. You control this in the setup process and can make changes as needed.

  • Can we set it up where you only answer some of my calls?

    Yes. This is the most popular option for manned facilities. We work with your telecom team or phone company to allow your staff the opportunity to answer and only send to XPS what they’re unable to catch. You control this in the setup process and can make changes as needed.

  • What is "IVR" or pay-by-phone service?

    IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is an automated part of our services that allow tenants to check their balance and make a payment without speaking with an agent. It does not count against your monthly call interactions.

  • Is my tenant’s or prospect's data safe? Does XPS hold or keep any of their data?

    XPS is not an actual data processor or data warehouse. We integrate via safe and secure API connections with your software provider; the only information XPS has on file is a name and phone number. We do not record or retain additional data, such as credit card details or other sensitive pieces of data.

  • What is "RentUp"?

    RentUp is a service that allows our agents to fully lease up your facility(s) directly over the phone, driving immediate occupancy and exceptional customer experience. This service is limited to specific software providers. Contact a sales agent today to see if you can take full advantage of this service.

  • Do you have any long-term agreements?

    We require a twelve-month agreement. However, we offer a 60-day termination period that you may exercise as needed.

  • Are calls recorded? Can I listen to them?

    Yes. Calls are recorded for coaching and training purposes and are available for review on our online dashboard for up to 30 days.

  • What if I go over my call plan?

    There is a per-call overage charge. However, if you continue to have higher volume, we work with our clients to put them on the right package to reduce overage charges.

  • What if there is an emergency on site?

    It is a part of our launch process for the client to provide detailed instructions for how they would like those calls to be handled.

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