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Marketing to College Students

Do you own a self storage business in a college or university town? If you do, summer is the prime time to attract students. By focusing your marketing efforts on student tenants you can boost your occupancy and grow your business.

Most college students live in cramped dorm rooms and small apartments. They’re always in need of extra space. These kids may not realize it yet, but a secure self storage unit is the perfect solution for their clutter.

If you want to attract college students, it’s essential to view your offerings and facilities through their lens. What are their specific needs, interests, and financial constraints? Promote flexible lease options and shared spaces. Your units will be filled in not time if you get the word out where they gather.

Most importantly, be sure that your website is technology-friendly and optimized for mobile access. XPS Solutions will give your students and their parents the ease and user experience that they want.

XPS Solutions Marketing to College Students

Self Storage Services that Attract the College Crowd

Technology-Friendly Platforms are a Must

Given their hectic schedules, students value convenience above everything. Keep in mind that most of them are digital natives. Consequently, they use their mobile devices for everything from entertainment to shopping to research. If your self storage facility isn’t ready with the convenience of being able to rent how, when, and where they choose, you’ll lose out to your competitors.

Don’t worry – XPS Solutions has you covered. With RentUp and the MyStorPal mobile app, you’ll have students flocking to your facility.

RentUp – enables prospects to select their unit, sign the lease, and rent self-storage without visiting your office. All the paperwork can be completed in advance from the convenience of any mobile device.

MyStorPal – allows tenants to easily view their accounts, make payments, receive their gate access code, and upload inventory photos at no cost. Most college students aren’t interested in having a conversation. However, for those that are, live chat or phone calls are always available.

Offer Student Discounts

Students often have a restricted budget. Tuition, fees, and textbooks eat up most of their income. That’s why it’s smart to think about offering student discounts. Position yourself as a reasonably priced self-storage option, and you’ll attract students looking for affordable solutions.

Showcase Flexible Lease Options

College students are faced with a variety of situations. Summer classes, internships, and study abroad programs keep them on the move. The flexibility of month-to-month leasing works for their lifestyle. They don’t want to be forced into a long-term commitment.

Advertise Small or “Shared” Self Storage Units

College students are unlikely to need storage for appliances or large furniture. They typically pack their minimal belongings in containers.

Smaller and more affordable units are the better choice for them. If you only have larger units available, you can market them as “shared” spaces. This gives students the option to save money by sharing one unit.

Provide Convenient 24/7 Access

Most college students have erratic schedules. They socialize late and then (hopefully) get up early for class. Their schedules are inconsistent at best, and they don’t want to keep track of self storage access hours. Convenient access is essential so that they can pick up that book they haven’t opened for a month.

Marketing to College Students: Your Website Should Be Student Friendly

Student-Specific Storage Page

Use a student-specific storage page to rank higher on Google. Optimize your title tag with “Safe, Affordable Student Self Storage Near (local university).” Include driving directions and amenities that will appeal to your target audience.

Student Discount Page

Display special college discounts along with an overview of monthly specials. Affordability is critical to both students and their parents.

Student FAQ Page

This is another excellent way to increase your ranking for student storage. A student FAQ page will be more likely to show up in student-specific searches.

Student Moving and Packing Supply Page

Offer several discounted “student” packing bundles. Students will love purchasing bundled supplies without having to choose individual pieces. Their parents (who are probably footing the bill) will appreciate you.

Get the Word Out Where They Gather

Student Events

Give your facility visibility at student events. Distribute flyers with coupons for discounts, and add small gifts like pens, plastic cups, or tape measures. Purchasing ad space in sports programs will further increase your visibility.

Social Media

Social media is a vital piece of your marketing mix. According to MSS Media, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have a strong following among young adults. Stay in the loop with social media trends and add them to your strategy.

Study Abroad

Post flyers where students who are planning to study abroad will most likely see them. They might be subletting an apartment and need self storage for the short-term.


With summer drawing to a close, it’s important to start marketing your facility to college students. Offering student discounts, flexible lease terms, and mobile accessibility will help make your facility the go-to choice. By providing a wide range of amenities and implementing strategic marketing strategies, you can establish your business as the first choice for local college students.


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