Increase Your Revenue with XPS Solutions Remote Management Suite

Increase your revenue with XPS Remote Management Suite

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Remote Management

In the world of self-storage, managing your facility efficiently can make all the difference in boosting your revenue. Staying ahead of the curve requires innovative solutions, and that’s where XPS Solutions comes into play. The Remote Management Suite is a game-changer. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to elevate your company’s performance and significantly increase your revenue.

XPS Solutions Call Center Services for Self Storage Facilities, Remote Management Suite

XPS Solutions Remote Management Suite

The XPS Remote Management Suite is a groundbreaking solution for self-storage owners. If you’re tired of the obstacles created by staffing issues, we have a solution. It’s the Remote Management Suite.

Running a self storage facility is a juggling act. From unit rentals to handling delinquencies, XPS Solutions Remote Management Suite groups these functions under one umbrella.
The user-friendly interface ensures that you can effortlessly manage operations. With real-time insights and analytics, it’s a breeze to make informed decisions.

By streamlining operations, XPS Solutions empowers you to focus on what matters most – growing your revenue.

Optimize Occupancy Rates With Remote Management Tools

Maximize the benefits of having 104 hours of uninterrupted live phone coverage. Our core agents are available for round-the-clock pay-by-phone service and rentals. On top of that, you’ll have the following services.

  • 50 hours per week of live management coverage
  • Extended assistance for tenants
  • Follow-up sales calls
  • Lease and ID verification
  • Unit move-out checks
  • Help with delinquencies

Say goodbye to the expenses associated with on-site managers and the hassle of personally handling phone calls. You can cut staffing costs by 50% or even more while still receiving exceptional support.

XPS Remote Management Suite Services

We offer a variety of budget-friendly, bundled Remote Management Suite packages to fit your needs.

Contact Center
Is your staff frequently unable to answer calls because they’re occupied with other callers or business activities? This can be frustrating for tenants and may drive potential customers to your competitors.

Our self storage call center is run by highly trained agents who can serve as representatives on your behalf. Did you know that most self storage facilities miss approximately 90 calls per month? Around 80% of these calls are from existing tenants, while the remaining 20% are from potential customers. Call Center services can ensure that important calls are answered. Your staff will have more time to focus on other responsibilities.

By providing this solution, you can increase customer satisfaction and boost productivity.

RentUp provides a convenient and effortless solution for leasing self-storage units through any mobile device. Customers have the flexibility to rent wherever and whenever they want.

With the power of XPS, RentUp seamlessly integrates with top software management systems, enhancing occupancy rates and maximizing revenue. Our dedicated team is available to assist your tenants 104 hours per week. They handle inventory viewing, payments, and contracts, effectively saving valuable staff time.

On-site staff can allocate their energy towards more important responsibilities. Customers greatly appreciate the convenience of online self-storage unit rentals.

Most of today’s customers demand a convenient and mobile-responsive experience. They want to interact with self-storage operators using technology, especially through smartphones.

To meet customer expectations and stay competitive, MyStorPal is the perfect solution. With the MyStorPal app, you can engage tenants, foster loyalty, and enhance retention.

Tenants have free access to their accounts through the app. They can make payments, receive gate access codes, and upload photos and descriptions of their stored items.

For those tenants and potential customers who prefer a more personal approach, live chat and phone support are easily accessible with just a click.

24/7 Pay By Phone
XPS Solutions’ 24/7 Pay by Phone service brings convenience to both customers and businesses.
Customers now have the ability to make payments using their mobile devices at any time and from anywhere. They love eliminating the need to physically visit an office or write and mail checks. With this system, clients no longer have to worry about limited business hours or long wait times on hold.

Businesses can expect a significant 55% reduction in call volume. Managers and staff can allocate their time towards their daily tasks without being overwhelmed by payment inquiries.
This innovative solution revolutionizes the payment experience for both customers and businesses. It offers a seamless and effortless way to handle transactions.

Reputation Management
Reputation management plays a vital role in the fiercely competitive self storage industry. The success of a business heavily relies on its reputation. In today’s digital era, online reviews and search engine optimization (SEO) hold significant importance. Savvy business owners actively monitor and shape their reputations.

We offer comprehensive reputation management solutions that simplify the process for you. You can effortlessly enhance your online reputation by sending a text or email link to each customer, encouraging them to leave a review. By taking advantage of our solutions, you can take control of your online presence and maximize your potential for success.


In the competitive landscape of the self-storage industry, embracing innovative solutions is essential for sustained growth. XPS Solutions’ Remote Management Suite offers a comprehensive set of tools to streamline operations, optimize occupancy rates, and enhance tenant satisfaction.

By leveraging these features, you not only increase your self-storage facility’s efficiency but also unlock new avenues for revenue growth.

Investing in XPS Solutions is a gift to the future of your self-storage business. Stay ahead of the curve, maximize your revenue potential, and provide an unparalleled experience for your tenants. Elevate your self-storage facility to new heights with XPS Solutions Remote Management Suite.


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