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According to Pew Research, three in ten Americans (28%) currently rate national economic conditions as excellent or good. In contrast, a similar share (31%) say they are poor, and about four in ten (41%) view them as “only fair.”

Despite modest economic improvements, most Americans are feeling financial hardship. Adding more concerns to an already questionable economy, Gavin Newsome, the Governor of California, signed two union-backed bills that will boost fast-food and healthcare workers’ minimum wages.

In November, California voters will see a ballot initiative that would raise the state minimum wage to $18 an hour. Workers in other industries are also fighting for higher minimum wages.

The potential consequences could be a concern for all small businesses. These wage hikes could be used as a model to benefit other types of workers. Many industries, including the self storage sector, are facing growing concerns about overhead expenses.

As a self storage owner, you may think that these wage increases won’t affect your industry. Nevertheless, even an industry-specific minimum wage could have ripple effects.

In spite of growing apprehension about labor costs, remote self storage management presents a viable solution to this challenge. XPS Solutions can help you leverage our Remote Management Suite to reduce the need for on-site staff, easing salary concerns.

XPS Remote Management Suite for Self Storage Operators

Streamline Operations With the XPS Solutions Remote Management Suite.

By implementing remote management solutions, you can handle day-to-day tasks more efficiently. Fifty hours a week of management coverage provides you with an alternative to on-site management. Our remote managers are self storage industry professionals with years of accumulated knowledge.

Running a self storage facility requires you to wear many hats. Managing staff, following up with tenants, and handling lease and ID verification are only a few. However, with XPS Solutions’ Remote Management Suite, you can consolidate all essential functions into one comprehensive platform. This user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly oversee unit rentals and effectively manage delinquencies.

Streamlining your operations not only reduces overhead costs but also enhances overall operational efficiency. You can allocate resources more effectively when you oversee multiple self storage facilities from a central location. The Remote Management Suite reduces the need for on-site personnel and minimizes the costs of maintaining a large workforce.

Making informed decisions has never been easier. By streamlining your operations, XPS Solutions empowers you to prioritize increasing revenue.

Enhance The Customer Experience with The Remote Management Suite

In addition to reducing overhead costs, remote self-storage management also enables you to enhance customer service.

Centralized customer support gives you the tools to effectively handle a wide range of customer needs.

Your customers will love the convenience of round-the-clock support. Their problems can be solved at any time from anywhere. This level of service can be achieved with a leaner workforce. Remote management allows for more efficient allocation of customer service resources, reducing your overall cost.

Cost-Effective XPS Remote Management Suite Services

Our Remote Management Suite services can be bundled to save you money. We offer a variety of custom-tailored packages to fit your needs.

Contact Center
If customer’s calls aren’t answered, they become frustrated. This can result in lost opportunities and, more importantly, lost revenue.

With our Call Center services, you don’t need the expense of extra staff to answer calls.
By implementing this solution, you save costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase productivity at the same time.

RentUp offers a seamless, user-friendly solution for leasing self-storage units. Our highly dedicated team is available for 104 hours every week.
This feature handles tasks such as inventory viewing, payment processing, and contract management. Customers value the hassle-free experience of renting self storage units online, and you save money on overhead.

To meet the needs of customers who seek mobile-friendly experiences, self-storage operators must embrace smartphone applications. MyStorPal provides the ideal solution for operators to meet customer expectations but also stay competitive in the market. The app gives tenants free access to their accounts. They can effortlessly make payments, receive gate access codes, and upload photos and descriptions of their stored items.

24/7 Pay By Phone
With 24/7 Pay By Phone, your customers can make payments using their mobile devices. They don’t have to wait on hold or worry about limited business hours. This innovative system is a seamless experience for customers and a money-saving solution for you.

Reputation Management
Without a positive reputation, your business will suffer. What your prospective customers see online can mean the difference between success and failure. To stay competitive, business owners take the time to actively monitor their reputations. If you want to eliminate this task from your day-to-day responsibilities, we can help.

Our comprehensive reputation management solutions simplify the process for you. We can send a text or email link to each customer, encouraging them to leave a review. Control your online presence with our reputation management solutions.


Despite concerns about the economic impact of minimum wage increases, XPS Solutions can customize a plan to help you solve this problem.

We can streamline your costs while enhancing overall productivity and customer satisfaction. The XPS Remote Management Suite can be a workable solution to keeping overhead costs down and profitability up.


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