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Are we spoiled or what?  Same day, next day, any way…  The traditional customer/retail experience has been turned on its’ ear by companies who are leveraging the Internet and have deepened their “hooks” through the use of the mobile phone and its many convenient mobile apps.

Have you stopped to consider how have Amazon, Uber, and others have defined today’s tenant expectations?  If you had to sum up what has transpired at a high level, you’d probably agree those aforementioned companies have created consumer expectations for instantaneous access, response, and delivery.  They’ve disrupted the traditional brick and mortar model and have forever changed the way most consumers view retail and expect to interact with it.  Furthermore, they exacerbated the disruption by also altering the supply chain and introducing something akin to a “personal supply chain” by offering same day delivery in large metro areas [in Amazon’s case] and personal transportation services [Uber] which don’t require a live dispatch or queuing at a cab stand. Tying this back to what’s near and dear to all of our hearts, our self-storage industry, the question for you to consider should be this: How can you replicate these hugely successful concepts and technologies to transform your properties and become current with the tenant experience your facilities provide?  XPS has solutions and strategies to help you not only compete, but WIN.


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