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For over 40 years, the Self Storage Association (SSA) has been the official trade organization of the Self Storage Industry. The SSA includes forty state organizations and nine international associations. 

Local and national self storage associations represent the interests of the self storage industry. They serve as a collective voice for industry professionals, and they advocate for legislative and regulatory issues. Additionally, these associations provide educational resources, networking opportunities, and practical guidance to their members.

Being a member of the Self Storage Association has been a tremendous advantage to XPS Solutions. We have made connections with industry professionals that have developed into meaningful relationships. The educational and informational events have enabled us to increase our expertise and enhance our business’s performance.  Rigorous legislative support has advanced the entire industry.

Membership in local and national associations is the best way to position your business for long-term success and credibility.

Benefits of Supporting National and Local Self Storage Associations

Supporting these organizations establishes your commitment to the advancement of the self-storage industry.

Aligning with local and national self-storage associations provides multiple benefits. 

First, association membership provides access to a wealth of resources, including educational materials and industry data. This information keeps you competitive and informed about industry trends and developments.

Moreover, membership in these associations opens doors to networking opportunities. You’ll connect with fellow industry professionals, forging valuable connections, sharing insights, and learning from the experiences of others. Persistent networking results in finding a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

In addition to resources and networking, self-storage associations offer advocacy that can have a significant impact on shaping the regulatory landscape.  

Self Storage Advocacy and Legislative Support

One of the most significant benefits of supporting self-storage associations is the access to advocacy and legislative support. These associations stay on top of legislative and regulatory developments that impact the entire self-storage industry. They serve as your advocates for fair and favorable policies at the local, state, and national levels.

Through collective advocacy efforts, self-storage associations can influence legislation, zoning regulations, and tax policies. This creates a favorable environment for self-storage businesses. 

For example, several weeks ago the SSA and California Self Storage Association (CSSA) announced that the Governor signed the industry-sponsored AB542 earlier this week. This legislation will take effect on January 1, 2024.

This law includes reforms to a restrictive and outdated advertising requirement that was burdensome to self storage owners. The new law adds reforms that will save advertising costs by cutting the number of newspaper ads needed for a lien sale. Furthermore, it eliminates the cumbersome requirement of describing goods for sale. 

Joe Doherty, the SSA’s Senior Vice President, and Chief Legal & Legislative Officer states,

“Following many successful legislative efforts, ranging from lien law reform to protecting

 Prop 13, the SSA and CSSA agreed last year that the next step was to modernize the outdated advertising requirements. Members of both associations testified in support of the bill. This collaborative effort was critical to AB542 passing through committee and floor votes without a single no vote, notwithstanding sustained opposition from the newspaper publishers’ lobby.”

The Self Storage Associate (SSA) gives the self storage industry a voice. They diligently advocate on legislative matters and government relations, working closely with elected officials and regulators.

For instance, In 2021, the Texas Self Storage Association advocated successfully for the towing law allowing facility owners to have certain vehicles towed from their property in place of foreclosure. Additionally, in that same year, they successfully pursued several key changes to the International Building Code.

This advocacy work not only protects the interests of self storage professionals but contributes to the health and sustainability of the industry.

Resources and Networking Opportunities for Self Storage 

Self storage associations offer a wide variety of resources and networking opportunities to their members. These resources may include access to industry publications, research reports, legal guidance, and educational webinars focused on operational best practices and industry trends.

Networking opportunities provided by self-storage associations range from local networking events to national conferences. These events are platforms for members to connect with industry professionals and potential business partners. Building these valuable business relationships can lead to mentorships and collaborations that will contribute to your success.

Moreover, many self-storage associations foster a sense of community with online forums or discussion groups. Members have an opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer learning.

How to Get Involved in National and Local Self Storage Associations Local Self Storage Associations

Getting involved in your local self-storage association is an excellent way to start contributing to the industry. Most local associations offer various membership levels, each tailored to the needs and resources of different businesses. Joining your local association provides an immediate connection to industry peers, local resources, and educational opportunities.

Engaging in local association events, such as networking mixers, seminars, and workshops offers advantages you won’t find elsewhere. You’ll gain industry insights and learn about regional developments that impact your business. Volunteering for committees or leadership roles can further boost your visibility and influence within the local self-storage community.

The National Self Storage Association

The National Self Storage Association offers access to a broader network of industry professionals and resources. Most national associations provide a range of membership benefits, including access to industry publications, educational webinars, and industry-specific research reports.

Participating in national association conferences, trade shows, and webinars can provide invaluable opportunities to connect with industry leaders and expand your professional network. Additionally, working in national association advocacy efforts can magnify your impact on shaping industry regulations.

By engaging at the national level, you can position yourself as a thought leader and industry authority. 


Involvement in self storage associations provides value and opportunity at every stage of your business. Whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve been around for a while, these associations serve as invaluable resources. 

You’ll find a wealth of benefits, including educational resources, networking opportunities, advocacy support, and professional development. Your business will thrive because you have positioned it for sustained growth and success.


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