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Just Answer the Dang Phone

For a good many of us, occupancy has dropped back into the upper 80s or low 90s. We are no longer riding high on 100% occupancy and ever-increasing rental rates. Delinquencies have risen. While some of this rise is due to economic hardships for our tenants, I’d be willing to venture that a big part […]

Reputation Management is Critical to Your Self Storage Business

Reputation management has become increasingly critical in the self storage industry. A positive reputation can mean the difference between success and failure. With the rise of online reviews and search engine optimization (SEO), self storage facility owners need to pay close attention to the kind of reputation they are building. With our XPS Solutions’ newest […]

The Need For Speed: Why Tenant Response Time Matters

Why Tenant Response Time Matters The average national response time for a potential website lead is almost three hours, but by then it can be too late to turn that lead into a tenant. Responding as soon as someone makes contact has a direct impact on your bottom line. In this blog we discuss why […]