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5 Ways You Can Help Your Storage Manager Handle Billing Questions

Billing Questions Most sites miss 3-5 calls per day and end up with an average 70 calls per month that go to the call center, not including automated payment/balance inquiries. Here are some ways you can help your storage manager handle these calls, saving both you and your customers time and money. Offer 24/7 support for […]

Employee Appreciation: Decades of Growth Supported by a Strong Team

Celebrating over 20 years since our inception and decades of combined experience in the industry, XPS Solutions is grateful for the exceptional team that helps drive more business for our clients. Pioneers in the industry, XPS’ seasoned staff continues to innovate the market with strategic planning and best-in-class technology to help a storage facility flourish. […]

Customer Experience: Choosing the Most Valuable Vendors

A comprehensive call center team is a vital component in the myriad of vendors, partners, and staff that keep your business up-and-running. With so many pieces to the puzzle to ensure success, it’s important to have a team of experts in your corner that prioritize the customer experience. Customer Experience The overall customer experience is […]

The Best Addition to your Team: XPS as an Extension of Your Staff

The phone is ringing incessantly and appointments keep piling up. On-site staff is managing day-to-day crises in addition to keeping the facility running smoothly. With massive labor shortages across the nation, it can be hard to fill open job positions and retain employees. Let XPS Solutions be your solution for staffing. XPS Solutions: Seamless integration […]

Everything At Your Fingertips with MyStorPal

MyStorPal We want access and answers just a click away. From how we communicate to shopping – our phones offer immediate results. This type of direct access is also useful when it comes to storage needs. Through XPS Solutions services you can access the MyStorPal app. This easy-to-use tool improves the tenant experience by providing […]

Behind The Scenes: How XPS Solutions Improves Overall Tenant Experience

XPS Solutions Improves Overall Tenant Experience XPS Solutions delivers immediate value to its clients. Our suite of customer-valued services enhances storage facilities’ existing infrastructure. Extended employee coverage, securing new tenants, and quicker response rates are a direct impact of the overall XPS experience, all provided at a much lower cost than a full-time employee. Let’s […]

The Three Cs: Why It’s Cheaper To Keep Your Tenants and How To Keep Them

Keep Your Tenants In 2021’s fast-paced environment tenants are looking for a quick and convenient customer experience to match their on-the-go lifestyles. Of course, everyone knows the saying “the customer is always right,” but it’s much more than that. In this blog we will discuss factors as to why you should keep your tenants and […]

Addicted to Disruption

Are we spoiled or what?  Same day, next day, any way…  The traditional customer/retail experience has been turned on its’ ear by companies who are leveraging the Internet and have deepened their “hooks” through the use of the mobile phone and its many convenient mobile apps. Have you stopped to consider how have Amazon, Uber, […]

Reviews: Even a Nine-Year-Old Gets It

By Mike Roberts, EVP, Business Development and Sales A few weeks ago, my goddaughter, who is nine, was about to lose a baby tooth. In preparation, she constructed a “Tooth Fairy box”.  It was quite the project and she was very creative and imaginative with the design.  She selected a special box and added cotton […]